Wine Education with a difference - approachable, engaging, expert, authoritative

We believe that wine education is important but unaccessible for most. There is an established dichotomy in the education space. On the one hand are those offering approachable, cool and casual tastings which are light on content. On the other are the expert, fact-based and professionally researched classes which risk being dry and intimidating. We think a successful wine education programme can and should be both approachable and content-rich at the same time. This is the driving ethos of our work and over the years members of our team have taught wine at university level, trained dozens of restaurant and hotel teams, presented at international conferences, judged wine shows around the world and crafted programmes for professional industry bodies. We have combined our learnings across these different fields and audiences, distilling it into three learning streams;

  1. Wholebunch Seminars: we work closely and collaboratively with regional industry bodies and top independent experts in New Zealand to bring you an in-depth series of seminars focussed on the questions and topics which matter to the wine community. This series is designed for those working in wine to gain insight into areas and wine styles which they encounter as part of their professions, but it has plenty to offer wine enthusiasts seeking industry-level knowledge.

  2. Wine Sentience Discovery: This series of classes are designed to provide an expert-guided exploration into new areas of wine, especially those where the information and bottles are hard to find. We relish sniffing out rare bottles from around the world and weaving the narrative threads together with established literature to present a context and factual basis for learning about these wines. If you have questions about regions, varieties or styles which you have read or heard about, then this series is for you.

  3. Wine Sentience Masterclasses: This is a a series of masterclasses focussed on often-classic wine topics and regions designed for advanced students of wine and hardcore enthusiasts. They tend to be longer sessions, occasionally lasting a full day, to comprehensively cover a high-level theme, be it vintages, terroirs or getting to grips with the global benchmarks of a variety or style.

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