Continental Riesling

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Continental Riesling


A fly-through of benchmark Riesling styles found in Continental Europe

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By popular request, we're putting on a Riesling class... in winter! Join Caitlin and Stephen on a fly-through of benchmark Riesling styles found in Continental Europe. We'll be showcasing recent developments in the variety, climbing the scale of quality within the VDP of Germany. Come taste through regional differences by comparing Orstwein, Erste Lage and Grosse Lage wines from the Mosel, Nahe, Pfalz and Rheinhessen.

Circumnavigating Germany, we pull in the boundary Teutonic territories of the Alto-Adige in Italy, Alsace in France, Wachau in Austria and the Moselle in Luxembourg. No Riesling tasting would be complete without an exploration of vineyard character and ageability, so we're opening wines from 2016 back to 2010. Check out the list of producers below;

H. Donnhoff, Nahe

M. Molitor, Mosel

Witmann, Rheinhessen

Okonomierat Rebholz, Pfalz

L. Alzinger, Wachau

M. Deiss, Alsace

M. Bastian, Moselle

Kuenhof, Südtirol

Please note, this is a single bottle tasting due to availability of wine, so seats will be limited.